What to watch out for in Theresa May’s big speech THE TIMES

»When she lays out her cards on Brexit today, Theresa May will hope to silence critics who say she has been evasive about her plans. Some aspects of Britain’s negotiating position have already been revealed, but there is much we might learn from the prime minister’s speech. Here are some of the key issues which have been keeping the government busy.
What we know

Theresa May and David Davis, the Brexit secretary, have both already implicitly ruled out Britain remaining in the single market. This is an expression of political reality. There is no way the EU would allow Britain to stay a member of the single market while imposing restrictions on free movement and pulling out of the European Court of Justice — the market’s legal arbiter. However, the UK could still negotiate an arrangement that looked very much like membership of the single market but under a different name. As Mr Davis has put it: “We are seeking a bespoke outcome on terms of trading with and operating within the European market.”
What to expect..»


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